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The Fetter Museum of Nanoscience and Art
presents artworks that are the fruit of the collaboration between artists and researchers at the Nanotechnology Institute at Bar Ilan University

  • כותבת להמחשה

    Join a Tour of the Museum

    Visits to the Museum require coordination in advance. 
    The guided tours provide an overview of the creative process, science, and the common language that was established between scientists and artists. 
  • כותבת להמחשה

    Tours for Students and Educational Institutions

    An experience that provides a glimpse into the worlds of Art and Nanoscience and collaborations between different scientific disciplines and the wonderful cooperation between artists and scientists. Tours can be scheduled for high – school and university students and will be respectively tailored for age groups and areas of interest.
  • אירועים

    Artist or researcher talk

     A captivating meeting with one of the artists or researchers who took part in the research and creation process. It is an intriguing "behind the scenes" engagement with this joint activity.
  • כותבת להמחשה

    Private Events

    Planning a special event combined with a private tour of the museum based on your choices, in your own time and at your own pace.
  • What Is Nano?

    Nano is a measurement unit that equals one billionth of a meter; When dividing one meter into a billion tiny parts. Nanotechnology allows us to design and manufacture particles and components on a nanometric scale, which can only be observed with the help of special microscopes.
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    Special Activities at the Museum

    Workshops, lectures, customized private tours, a variety of zoom activities, and a wide range of customized options can be organized.


The Fetter Museum of Art and Nanoscience
The Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, Building 206, Bar Ilan University 
Visits must be coordinated in advance.
Email: [email protected]