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The Fetter Museum of Art and Nanoscience presents artworks yielded by the collaboration between artists and researchers at the Bar Ilan Nanotechnology Institute

  • כותבת להמחשה

    Join a Tour of the Museum

    Visits to the Museum are only possible through guided tours coordinated in advance. The guided tours provide an overview of artistic and scientific creativity and uncover the common language of scientists and artists.
  • כותבת להמחשה

    Tours for Students and Educational Institutions

    Touring the museum offers a glimpse at the world of art and nanoscience, where different scientific fields interact and artists and scientists collaborate. Tours for high-school and university students can be coordinated and tailored to the visitors’ age and fields of interest.
  • אירועים

    A Conversation with the Artist/Researcher

     A fascinating meeting with the artist or the researcher about their shared research and artistic creation - “Behind the scenes” of their joint work.
  • כותבת להמחשה

    Private Events

    Planning a special event combined with a private tour of the museum based on your choices, in your own time and at your own pace.
  • What Is Nano?

    Nano is a measurement unit that equals one billionth of a meter; it is what we get after dividing one meter into a billion tiny parts. In the field of nanotechnology, it is possible to design and manufacture particles and components of nanometric size, which can only be seen with special microscopes.
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    Special Activities at the Museum

    You can coordinate workshops, lectures, private tailored tours, different activities on Zoom, and a wide selection of other personalized activities.


The Fetter Museum of Art and Nanoscience
The Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, Building 206, Bar Ilan University 
Visits must be coordinated in advance.
Email: [email protected]